• Tea Pull
This drink is also present in Aceh (Tarek Tea). This drink is supposed to be poured from one glass to another (thrown). In the process of withdrawal, the ingredients become increasingly bland and the aroma exits. In addition, the withdrawal process also helps cool the temperature of the drink and provides a soft foam layer on the top that is formed due to the sugar content in the tea water.
Tensile tea and iced tea are drinks that are sold at mamak's restaurants, and are usually drunk with dishes such as nasi lemak, bread rolls, egg rolls, or bread. Tea powder sold kiloan often used to make tea pull. After brewing, the tea is filtered with gauze and mixed with sweetened condensed milk.
Tea pull literally means "tea drawn," that's what craftsmen in Indian mamak stalls do to make drinks. Tea and milk are poured through the air between two cups until it reaches texture, rich foamy - skilled tea drag artists never spill a drop! More than just showmanship and tradition, pouring tea pulling through the air cools the tea and produces foam.

  •  Sanger Drinks

Sanger is a kind of drink that only exist in Aceh. Sanger or also often called sanger coffee is generally similar to capucino, but in my opinion far more delicious this sanger coffee. In addition, if we look at a glance then this sanger will look like ordinary milk coffee, but if we judge from the taste, this sanger coffee has a very distinctive taste and different from other coffee flavor.
Indeed from the past Aceh is famous for its distinctive coffee filter / pull it. For true coffee lovers will soon be able to feel the difference, if it already felt the Aceh coffee. The most famous stalls in serving this type of beverage are solong food stalls in Ulee Kareng and Chek Yukes area in Baiturrahman Great Mosque, Banda Aceh. In addition, almost every street in Banda Aceh will surely meet many coffee stalls, hangout of all ages.

  • Gayo Coffee

 Gayo coffee is one type of coffee produced from coffee plantations in the Gayo highlands of Aceh. There are two varieties of coffee that are widely developed by the community, including the type of Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee types. In contrast to other types of coffee in Indonesia, this type of coffee has a very distinctive taste and aroma, so much favored by coffee lovers. Gayo coffee is one of the famous coffee species in Indonesia, even the quality has been recognized by the world.


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