The historic Cordoba mosque is now fully under the control of the Spanish Catholic Church, now the historic mosque becomes a cathedral, a place of Christian worship there.
"The Mezquita [designation of the Great Mosque of Córdoba] is a global symbol of cultural encounters and the world needs such symbols," said Antonio Manuel Rodríguez, a civil law professor at Córdoba University, told the Irish Times earlier in February.
The Great Mosque of Cordoba, or Mezquita, was built between 784 and 786 during the reign of Khalifah Abd al-Rahman I.
Once a place of prayer for Muslims for five centuries, this mosque was ordained as a church since the rule of Ferdinand III, king of Castile, who took the Cordoba region with bloodshed and massacres of Muslims in 1236.
However, although today has become a place of Christian worship, this place is still called by the people of Spain and tourists as a mosque, and not as a cathedral.
The desire of the Spanish Catholics seeks to fully take the authority of the Cordoba mosque building from the common ownership of the Spanish people as the Church's willingness to remove the Islamic identity on the building of the historic monument.
In a recent conference, Prof Rodríguez accused Archbishop Córdoba of endangering the symbolism of Islam by trying to take over the building entirely.
In addition, he warned that Córdoba's historic center would risk losing its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site if the "Christianization" mission of Mezquita continued.
As the remaining legacy of Islamic rule in Spain, Spanish Muslims expressed anger at the Catholic Church's initiative.
"This is a historical relic owned by all Spaniards and not just for Catholics," said Isabel Romero, director of an Islamic organization, which represents Muslims in Spain.


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