Tea that we often drink today seems to have a long historical journey. Based on history, tea was first used as a drink is in China. Accidentally, an emperor named Shen Nung who lived around the year 2737 BC, who is also a healer who found that a tea leaf was good to enjoy. It feels a bitter, bitter but delicious flavor also has many properties make tea as a popular drink at that time.

In 780 BC, a scholar named Lu Yu collected the findings of the benefits and usefulness of Tea. He then recorded it into a literature entitled Ch'a Cing or The Classic of Tea. In the book tea is described as a drink that makes us more excited when drinking it, reassure the heart, open mind and prevent drowsiness, make the body feel light and fresh and improve the ability to think. The book was later dispersed and became the holy book of Tea drink. 

Tea first entered Indonesia in the 17th century through a German nationality after he traveled from Japan. This man named Andreas Cleyer then planted the tea as an ornamental plant when he lived in Batavia. In 1694, Valentijn, a monk, also reported that he saw a tea plant sinensis in the home page of the governor-general of VOC, Camphuys, in Batavia.

In the 18th century, only tea-processing factories were supported by the VOC. Since then, tea processing has become a serious thing. On the island of Java many established tea plantations and processing. In fact, tea from Indonesia has crossed into the continent of Europe in 1835.

In that era, of course the tea produced is still a powdered tea. Or tea leaves are dried in which to serve is still to be brewed with hot water.
Year after year, things change. Tea also participate transformed in the presentation. There was a tea bag where the tea had been wrapped in a paper bag so that the presentation was still to be brewed, but much more practical than the powdered tea.
A few years later, ready-to-drink tea is growing. Tea in packs that are ready to drink so we do not need to menyeduhnya own. Tea ready to drink then be excellent.

Many packaged teas that claim they are made from selected tea leaves, natural and beneficial to health. But only Tea Gelas comes from selected tea leaves combined with real sugar. In addition to the delicious taste, Tea Glass is rich in polyphenols as an antioxidant that is beneficial to health. With the practicality of its packaging using high-tech process Aseptic Cold Filling Technology and Ultra High Temperature, Tea Glass ensures product quality remains hygienic and quality assured. So, no need to hesitate to drink Tea Gelas, because it feels like tea tea, fresh yes do not ask.  


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