Many Indonesians think that coffee is a native commodity of Indonesia. Please note actually coffee is not original Indonesian plants but from mainland Africa. It is indeed evident in the history of coffee that coffee plants are found in Africa. After the discovery of the coffee plant, then this plant began to be cultivated and spread throughout the world.

The history of coffee in the world is very long, once people did not pound the coffee and then brewed. At first, the coffee was just dried and then brewed, only after 500 years was found, came the tools to destroy the coffee beans. At that time coffee processing is also still very simple.

History of coffee in Indonesia is also not separated from the role of the Dutch as occupiers. This is because the first coffee seeds brought to Indonesia are innate from the Dutch government. The history of coffee in Indonesia is divided into three phases, namely at the time of colonization, after colonization, and coffee in the modern era.
  • Coffee At The Time Of Colonization

Coffee brought by the Dutch colonists is the beginning of coffee in Indonesia. At that time, one of the commanders of the Dutch troops who came from India brought coffee seeds to Batavia or what is today called Jakarta in 1696.

The commander of the Dutch troops gave coffee seeds from seeds of superior quality, but unfortunately Batavia at that time affected by floods so that all coffee seeds failed to be harvested. New in the 1700s, coffee successfully cultivated in Indonesia. Until Indonesia became independent, the Netherlands became the largest coffee supplier in the world.

  • Coffee After Colonization

The history of coffee in Indonesia after the colonization is growing rapidly. All plantations and coffee plants originally controlled by the Dutch colonial government were nationalized and belong to the Indonesian government. But the development of coffee plantations after colonization is a bit hampered.

 The types of coffee grown at the time of colonization are mostly arabica and robusta coffee that have low selling power. Thanks to the persistence of coffee farmers in Indonesia, eventually the coffee plantation gradually growing. Coffee plantations had been ups and downs, especially not long after Indonesia's independence of a political and economic crisis that disrupted the stability. At that time, coffee plantations were also affected.

  • Coffee In The Modern Era

After the era of 2000'an, the development of coffee again skyrocketed. In this year enter the modern era of coffee. Since then, coffee has become one of the favorite drinks of many people. Moreover, processed coffee since that time more varied. Not only black coffee tastes bitter, but it has a lot of coffee with a delicious flavor.

In the year 2000'an this, in Indonesia began to find a new type of coffee that is civet coffee. The presence of this new coffee makes coffee commodity in Indonesia growing progressively. In Indonesia alone, the type of civet coffee is preferred because it is lighter and safer to be consumed by patients with mag sickness.

History of coffee in Indonesia from the past until now is indeed very long. But as a nation, Indonesia deserves to thank the Dutch colonial government at that time. This is because if Indonesia were not colonized by the Dutch, coffee crops would probably not reach Indonesia and Indonesia would not be the biggest supplier of coffee worldwide.

The development of coffee plantations in Indonesia is now growing rapidly, let alone coffee is now one of the favorite drink of many people.


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