The origins of the Acehnese name are still debated, there are several legends about the name of Aceh that I will tell you briefly.
Since the first century AD, Aceh has become an international trade route. The Port of Aceh is home to passers by. In fact, some of them later settled, mixing the various tribes of the newcomers and then make the face of the people of Aceh in various ways.

Our ancestors of the Acehnese are believed to belong to the Malay family, ie Mante, Lanun, Sakai Jakun, Semang (sea people), and Senui and other tribes who initially landed in Aceh. All the tribes are closely related to the nation of Phonesia and Dravida dilembah river Indus and Ganges in India. Nation Mante originally inhabited Aceh Besar, especially in the village of Seumileuk which formerly called as Rumoh Duablah Village, because there are only 12 houses in the village. The village is located above Seulimuem between Tangse and Jantho. Seumiluek means large land, the Mante is the one who continues to grow into the population of Lhee Sagoe in Aceh Besar which then spread to some other places.

After 400 AD, outsiders began to name Aceh as Rami or Ramni, while the Chinese called it Lan Li, Lanwu Li and Nan Poli. While the Malays call it the actual Lambri according to the Aceh language is Lam Muri. After the arrival of the Portuguese into the archipelago began Aceh called Acehm, while the Arabs call it with Asji.

Some say the origin of the Acehnese name from an old story that tells of the arrival of Chinese Buddhists, while sailing in the Aceh sea they saw a variety of lights above Gunong Seulawah. They then say "Accehera Vaata Bho" which means how wonderful it is. From that word came the word Aceh.

So what I know about where the origin of the name of Aceh is....?


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