The Internet today has become one of the features that can not be separated from urban human life. With the internet, access to information becomes so fast and even as unlimited and spaced again. The positive impact of the Internet is also changing the pattern of interaction in the community. Countless how many positive impacts on the existence of this internet. Although it must be admitted there are a handful of negative impacts as well. But whatever it is, the internet has melted in people's lives and adds invaluable quality. Did you know the internet inventor? Almost everyone is using the Internet network to simplify their lives but not everyone knows who the character who contributed to find the internet. Maybe you are one of them.
Leonard Kleinrock, is a figure or scientist who dubbed the father of the internet. This nickname is attached to him because he is indeed the inventor of the internet. Leonard Kleinrock was born in the United States precisely in New York on June 13, 1934. He is an engineer and a scientist with a computer professor at UCLA, a prestigious engineering and science school. Leonard Kleinrock began to be highlighted for his success in creating the internet in 1969 precisely on the 29th of October. For the discovery of the internet, he was dubbed sebebai great scientists of this century. This internet discovery is actually based on Leonard Kleinrock's inability to break some of the digital code and then make it a separate package to each other. Thanks to this genius, Leonard Kleinrock later became one of the pioneers or pioneers of digital-based communication network systems and he also joined the team that helped the ARPANET development process.
The genius of Leonard Kleinrock began from the time he was educated. He is known as one of the outstanding students. She finished her high school at the Bronx High School of Science and then went on to City College of New York in computer science. Furthermore, in 1959 he has earned a master's degree. And, in 1963, his Ph.D. was inherent behind his name. After completing all levels of education, his career then began by joining as a lecturer at UCLA or the University of California Los Angeles.
In 1988, Leonard Kleinrock was appointed chairman of the National Network Group devoted to the United States Congress. In carrying out their duties, they compose research reports that are very influential and applied in the development of Computing High Performance and have implications on the development of the internet world that you and everyone use today. Leonard Kleinrock is the inventor of the internet and pioneered it from simple things to something as complex and multifunctional as it is today. The world is much easier with the existence of the internet, so there's no harm in thanking the genius character named Leonard Kleinrock, is not it?


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