It is narrated that the Messenger of Allah once told of the origin of fire in this world.
After the prophet Adam was driven to the world because his misfortune ate the fruit of the ban then Allah Almighty had ordered Jibril as to take fire from hell to be brought into the world for the use of Prophet Adam.
So Jibril as was ordered to ask for the fire rather than the angel of the fire guards of hell Zabaniah.

Gabriel: Oh zabaniah, I am commanded to take a little fire of hell to be brought to the world for the purpose of Adam.
Zabaniah: How many a little is it?
Jibril: As much as dates ...
Zabaniah: If it is as big as the date of the fires of hell fire you will bring the seven layers of sky and seven layers of the earth from its flame.

Jibril: Then give me half of the date palm ...

 Zabaniah: If by half the date of this fire you put in the world nescaya will not come down even though a speck of rain from the sky and no plant will grow on earth.
Embracing this complicated state, Gabriel as well as God to get the size that needs to be brought to the world. Allah also ordered that Gabriel take as much as ZARAH alone from the fires of hell to be brought into the world.
So Gabriel as took the fire of hell as big as the particles of Zabaniah but by the overheating of the hell fire as great as the particles were forced to be cooled by dipping it 70 times into the river in heaven and as many as 70 rivers, = 70 x 70.
After that Jibril ax brought the fire down into the world and placed on a high hill, but just after it was placed suddenly the hill continues to melt liquid so quickly Jibril took the original fire and was originally sent to hell.
Only the remains are contained in this world like a fire that we often use for various purposes and also the fire contained in the volcano and others.


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