Cigarettes are cylinders of paper length between 70 to 120 mm (varies by country) with a diameter of about 10 mm containing tobacco leaves that have been chopped.Cigarettes are burned at one end and allowed to burn so that the smoke can be inhaled through the mouth at the other end.Cigarettes are usually sold in parcels or paper packaging that can be easily inserted into the bag.Since the last few years, the packages are also generally accompanied by health messages that warn smokers of health hazards that can be generated from smoking, such as lung cancer or heart attack (although in reality it is only decorative, rarely adhered).
Humans in the world who smoke for the first time are Indian tribes in America, for ritual purposes such as worshiping gods or spirits.In the 16th century, when Europeans discovered the American continent, some of the European explorers tried to smoke cigarettes and then brought tobacco to Europe.Then the smoking habit began to emerge among the European nobility.But unlike the Indians who smoke for ritual purposes, in Europe people smoke only for the sheer pleasure.The 17th century Spanish merchants went into Turkey and by that time the smoking habit began to enter the Islamic countries.
There has been a lot of research that proves that cigarettes are very addictive, in addition to causing many types of cancer, heart disease, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, ill effects for birth, and emphysema
Cigarettes can be divided into several types.This distinction is based on cigarette materials, raw materials or cigarette contents, cigarette manufacturing processes, and the use of filters on cigarettes.

 Cigarette based on packing material.
  • Klobot: a cigarette that the material is in the form of corn leaves.
  • Kawung: a cigarette that the wrapping material is a palm leaf.
  • Cigarettes: cigarettes whose packaging material is paper.
  • Cigars: cigarettes whose packaging material is tobacco leaf.
Cigarettes based on raw materials or content. 
  • White Cigarettes: cigarettes with raw materials or contents only tobacco leaves are given sauce to obtain a certain flavor and aroma effect. 
  • Clove Cigarettes: cigarettes whose raw materials or contents are tobacco leaves and cloves are given sauce to obtain a certain flavor and aroma effect.
  •  Closed cigarettes: cigarettes whose raw materials or contents are tobacco leaves, cloves, and incense sauce to obtain certain flavor and aroma effects.
 Cigarettes based on the manufacturing process.

  • Hand Clove Cigarettes (SKT): cigarettes that the process of making by grinding or rolling by hand and or simple aids. 
  • Clove Cigarettes Machine (SKM): cigarettes that the process of making machine use.
Simply put, cigarette materials are put into cigarette making machines.The output generated by cigarette makers in the form of cigarettes.
Currently the cigarette maker has been able to produce about six thousand to eight thousand cigarettes per minute.Cigarette makers, usually, are connected to a cigarette packing machine so that the resulting output is no longer a cigarette but has been in the form of a pack.There is also a cigarette packing machine that is capable of producing cigarette output in a press, a press of 10 packs.Unfortunately, no machine is found capable of producing SKT because there is a difference in diameter of the base with the diameter of SKT tip.In SKM, the circumference of the cigarette and the circumference of the tip of the cigarette is the same.

Clove Cigarettes Machine itself can be categorized into 2 parts:
  1. Clove Cigarettes Full Flavor Machine (SKM FF): cigarettes are in the process of making added a distinctive flavor aroma. Example: Gudang Garam Filter Internasional, Djarum Super, dll. 
  2. Clove Cigarettes Light Mild (SKM LM): machine cigarettes that use low tar and nicotine content. Cigarettes of this type rarely use a distinctive aroma. Example: A Mild, Clas Mild, Star Mild, U Mild, LA Light, Surya Slim, etc.
Cigarettes based on the use of filters.
  • Cigarette Filter (RF): the cigarette at the base there is a cork. 
  • Non-Filter Cigarettes (RNF): cigarettes at the base of which there is no cork.
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