Walisongo is nicknamed 9 sunan who have meritorious to spread the religion of Islam in the land of Java. Due to his hard work again, at this time Islam is developing into a majority country for the population of Indonesia. Although the contribution is very big already makes us Be on the burning road, some of us are still many who do not know anyone who sunan name who joined in walisongo. Okay guys, I will discuss the name songo guardian and its territory.

The Names Of Sunan Walisongo
 The following is a list of names of sunan walisongo and origin the region:

  1. Maulana Malik Ibrahim, the most existing sunan walisongo. He is rumored to be from Persia and then settled and domiciled in Gresik, East Java. 
  2. Sunan Ampel (Ngampel), sunan walisongo which has the original name of Raden Rahmat and is located in Ngampel, near Surabaya. 
  3. Sunan Bonang, sunan walisongo, originally named Makdum Ibrahim, is the son of Sunan Ampel. He is based in Bonang, near Tuban. 
  4. Sunan Drajat, sunan walisongo who was originally named Masih Munat is the younger brother of Sunan Bonang. He is based in Drajat, near Sedayu, Surabaya. 
  5. Sunan Giri, the original sunan named Raden Paku is the original pupil of Sunan Ampel. He is located on the hill of Giri, near Gresik. 
  6. Sunan Muria, a sunan domiciled on the river Muria, Kudus. 
  7. Sunan Kudus, the original sunan named Udung is located in Kudus. 
  8. Sunan Kalijaga, sunan whose original name is Joko Said is domiciled in Kadilangu, Demak. 
  9. Sunan Gunung Jati, or the original name Syarif Hidayatullah is the only member of the songo wali who spread Islam in West Java. He was born around 1450 AD and died at the age of 120 years or around 1520.


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