Exercising and eating healthy food does not seem enough for women who want to have a slim and fit body. Jamu, as it has been passed down from generation to generation by our ancestors, becomes an extra herb to keep the body fit and fresh like princesses.

Traditional herbal medicine without preservatives and chemicals is good for your body at a young age. In addition to making you not easily tired after the move in school or college, traditional herbal medicine can also make you look beautiful. Starting from the color of the skin is bright, to not make it dull, even though you all day walking in the sun.

In addition to trying to be healthy by drinking herbs every day, you can also preserve the culture of Indonesia. Each type of herbal medicine has its own properties. Each type of herbal medicine contains natural ingredients that are different from each other. Some contain spices, roots, and other natural ingredients. Let's discuss one by one, from the type to the benefits.


This herb must be very often you hear or see, among glass bottles in the Mbok Jamu. Yes, this herb is usually white and sweet taste refreshing. You do not need to close your eyes or close your nose while drinking it, really.

Kencur rice is made from kencur, of course, then rice, ginger, and acid are extracted traditionally. Ginger and acid is what makes your body more refreshed. Although it was sweet, this herb was also potent to treat the disease, like black bitter herbs.

One of the benefits, kencur rice is powerful as a wind start. In addition, this herb can also be an antidote for acne and appetite enhancer. So do not be surprised, many mothers who give this herbal medicine to his children are still small.



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