Surely you are familiar with the QWERTY keyboard, because it is not only in the computer keyboard, but also on the phone keypad. But have you ever wondered and wondered why QWERTY keyboard messaging is made like that? Why not made easier? For more details, let us refer to the history of the following QWERTY keyboard, so there is no doubt anymore.
Before discussing about the origin of the keyboard, it's good if we know in advance the definition of the keyboard itself. The keyboard is an input device used to enter commands and to provide information to the computer. The first computer keyboard used was the ENIAC keyboard in 1946, at which point the keyboard was still the card reader hole maker and the tool was the only tool for input and output.
The origin or history of the QWERTY keyboard comes from a typewriter invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1868. The prototypes of typewriters actually can actually make us type faster. But because it was so fast, it actually causes problems at that time. The problem is the letters or slugs that stomp the tape can experience a mechanical failure of the pressed type. This is due to the letters that are related to each other.
Thinking about the solution of this problem, Christopher Latham Sholes as the manufacturer of the typewriter then messed up the composition of the letters, so difficult to use for typing. The goal is only one, that is to avoid a mechanical mistake as has happened before. Incidentally, the random arrangement intended for us to be difficult to type it is the current QWERTY arrangement. Finally, the messy keyboard arrangement was used as an input tool for computers and was later inaugurated as an international standard keyboard (ISO) in 1973.
It seems that the history of this QWERTY keyboard can be regarded as an irony, where the keyboard was made with the purpose of us difficult to do typing, but in the present it becomes a keyboard with the order used by everyone around the world. However, we who live in the present should be grateful, because if the keyboard with the QWERTY arrangement is not found, whether we will use what kind of keyboard now. It could be a keyboard that is used will be more difficult to use compared with QWERTY keyboard that already exists now. Using a QWERTY keyboard for some people is quite difficult, especially if the arrangement is changed again.


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