Train is one of the most popular public transportation alternatives today. Almost all countries have trains. Starting from the simple to advanced technology. Some transportation observers judge that this means of rail mobilization is the safest means of transportation and has the lowest accident rate. Therefore, it is natural that many railways are popular with people traveling. You also must have used a train instead? Well, do you know how the history of the creation of a train? And who is the figure who is nicknamed the world as the inventor of the railroad? If not, it could not hurt if you listen to the following description.
The inventor of a recognized railway called George Stephenson. He was born in a town called Wylam that entered into the territory of Northumberland, England. The date of his birth was June 9, 1781. George Stephenson breathed his last on the 12th of August in 1848, at that time he was 67 years old. George Stephenson works as a railroad engineer. As a child, George worked as a cowherd. At that time he was only 8 years old. While shepherding cows, she also often helped the father work in a mine. The duty of George Stephenson's father was to put coal in the steam engine furnace. Because of his perseverance, as time went on, George Stephenson was finally appointed as head of the steam engine at the mine.
Although his position is established, but George Stephenson still leaves time to learn. He uses his night time for the course. And after he was good at reading alphabets, he began to love reading all the books related to the machine. Until a time George was given the task of designing a machine that would be used to replace the role of a horse in pulling a train containing coal. George eventually designed a steam-driven locomotive engine. The machine he named with blucher. This is where the embryo of the idea of ​​a train was first discovered. At that time, George's machine was well received. This led to George being trusted as an engineer to lead the development project as well as the development of the world's first railway line. The line was in Stokton-Darlington and opened publicly in 1825. Furthermore, George was again entrusted with the construction of a railroad in Liverpool Manchester which was opened to the public in 1830.

George's contribution as the inventor of the train did not stop there. He has also won a contest or competition in choosing what machine is best used for the train at that time. And thanks to his ingenuity, he won the consthetics. He designed a machine that he named Rocket. The machine contributes to the next researcher who then perfected the train. Rocket itself can still be found next and next generation because he was immortalized in one museum in London.


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