Magnets (or sometimes spelled magnets) are one of the most versatile objects that humans use in everyday life. Magnet itself is actually an object that has a magnetic field with two poles ie north or north and south or south. Two magnetic poles apart when drawn together will attract each other. Meanwhile, two magnets with the same pole, when brought together will reject each other. The force generated by this magnet is then used humans to simplify some things. Did you know that the word "magnet" itself is taken from the Yunanu language Lithos Lithos. This word means Magnesian stone. Indeed since ancient Greece, magnetic stones have been known. At first he found many in the area of Manisa who is currently entering into the territory of Turkey. Well, because it has existed for a long time, historians are so confused to determine who deserved figure didaulat as the inventor of magnets.


If we are willing to take the time and do some searching on who the magnet inventor will be, you will get Magneto's name on various local and external sites. Unfortunately, although many recognize Magneto as the inventor of the magnet, there is hardly any source telling his profile further. So, the life history and story of his invention can not be told in more detail like other inventors in the world.
As the inventor of the natural magnet, it is said that Magneto lived in ancient Greece. He was told to find Magnets in the Magnesia region of Turkey. After its discovery, Magnet slowly became one of the popular and widely used objects.
But did you know, that today, almost all the magnet that is used no longer comes from natural rocks like ancient times? Yes, this time a lot of scattered artificial magnets. Indeed, magnets can be made. The way is quite easy that is by rubbing the magnet with another field in the same direction, with the induction of the magnet and the last by using a selenoida.

In the past, Magneto might have invented a nearly shapeless magnet. He was a rock. Well, now, we can already see magnets in various forms. Starting from the shape of U, ligkaran, needles, horseshoe, trunk and many more. To get this magnet quite easily kok, many shops that sell it free. Even if you are observant, you can find many mini to large devices that use magnets. In fact, in some countries, this magnet is popularly used as jewelry. There are several claims that use magnets as accessories is also healthy because the attraction can smooth the body's circulation.


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