Aceh is an area of diverse natural wealth, a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of culture and a very high religious treasure. This is what makes Aceh a special area of the era of the kingdom, colonization to modern times today. The city that earned the nickname "Serambi Mecca" is in addition to famous for cultural tourism is also not behind with his culinary tour. A wide variety of culinary delights that make our tongues sway. So do not be surprised if we visit Aceh will get typical Aceh snacks. What are the traditional foods of Aceh.
  • Aceh Noodle

Mie Aceh, a culinary type of tempting from Aceh, can be tasted in two ways, namely in fried or boiled alias using sauce. To taste can choose their own, whether want to spicy or not. As a variation
can use crab, meat or seafood. This variation will determine the name of the noodles.

  • Patarana

Patarana is a very popular aceh meal with a mixture of various flavors and is rich in vitamins and substances that can increase your passion and immunity.
In addition Patarana is also a food that symbolizes kinship and diversity in Aceh society that can be incorporated in one cauldron, thus producing a unique taste and favored by all people in the whole world. Patarana is also a media to introduce Aceh's natural products that are so rich in the types of vegetables so by eating the sauce Patarana means we have eaten all the vegetables in Aceh. This cuisine must be eaten, as it goes to Aceh without eating Kuah Patarana, just as it has not gone to Aceh. This cuisine is very easy to get, 90% of restaurants in Aceh definitely provide Kuah Patarana.

  • Gulai Goat

Gulai goat aceh have a sense of a distinctive , because wearing seasoning typical aceh . Cooked by using pot iron high and keep in heat .It means whenever you message gulai goat always served in a state of heat , mutton his is squishy and the .You will also be hidangkan stew meat minced across intervening with onions chilly and cayenne mashed and lime acting as a supplement gulai goat .If visit banda aceh do not forget to the taste dish this one .

  • Acid keu eung

Cookery acid keu eung is cooking there were nearly throughout indonesia , Even southeast asia in the name of various .In aceh cookery is called acid keueung or surly keueung who meaning literally is sour spicy .

  • Sie Itek Gravy
Cookery duck an extremely wide variety of and hues in nusantara .But this is clearly different because cookery duck this got a prescription own from aceh .Gule itek from aceh the most famous dating from bireun in this area the spice was very significant .

  • Rujak Aceh

You are certainly familiar with rujak. Healthy snacks are made from a variety of fresh fruit dicocol with a seductive red sugar sauce. However, have you ever tried the Aceh rujak? Unlike the rujak we usually eat, rujak Aceh has its own characteristics that make it different and rujak in general.
What makes Aceh different salad is the fruit used. Rujak Aceh uses typical Acehnese fruits. Fruit leaves used to make the roof of this house shriveled with other fruits.
Rujak Aceh has been a traditional food in this area for a long time. This food is deliciously eaten in a cold or mixed with shaved ice with a splash of rujak sauce and enjoyed in the scorching afternoon.\

  • Fish Keumamah 

Kemamah is another typical Aceh cuisine with a very challenging taste. Just like the shape, the goldfish is made of tuna that has been boiled and dried and then sliced. The fish can be cooked using various cooking ingredients, such as coconut milk, potatoes, green chilies and other spices. During the Aceh war against the Dutch in the jungle, this type of cuisine is very popular because it is very easy to carry and cook.

  • Adee Cake

 This kind of sweet-framed traditional cake, can only be found in Aceh, especially in Pidie Jaya district. His name was not difficult to pronounce, namely Adee.
Adee is a kind of soft, legit, and sweet textured cake derived from real sugar. At first glance this cake is similar to the frame. Adee can be a good blend when sipping a glass of coffee or tea. It can also be a special dish to entertain guests. Or even as a souvenir for friends and relatives outside the city.

  • Cake Timphan

A typical Acehnese cake during Idul Adha, Timphan is made 1 or 2 days before Idul Fitri and its durability can reach more or less seminngu, Timphan is the main dish menu for guests who visit home during Lebaran.
Timphan which is a mushy food wrapped in young banana leaves is the most famous is Timphan srikaya taste. Before the Lebaran usually the mothers have prepared young banana leaves picking in the garden or buy the market


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